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As obsessed with travel as he is with the latest tech, in his spare time Engadget editor Zach Honig leaves his home in Manhattan to explore the globe, always setting aside time to search for unique gadgets, from the camera shops of Shinjuku to the back alleys of Shanghai, where he once shelled out 1,000 yuan to bring a KIRF iPad back for The Engadget Show. He started his career as a tech journalist writing about cameras for Popular Photography before moving over to PC Magazine, where he worked as a consumer electronics editor, with a stint at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in between. He’s also covered travel for Frommer’s and AOL Travel, and one day hopes to fly a single-engine Cirrus around the world, having dedicated a summer to earning his pilot’s license after planes didn’t fall out of the sky during Y2K. Zach can be reached at zach.honig [at] engadget [dot] com.

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